Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Outside Talent

A couple of things I grabbed from other bloggers One of the things I love about the internet is how much talent rises to the surface that otherwise would have remained unknown.

The following is a poem by John Logue, from his website, The Feed. He kinda reminds me of a young Ginsburg:


My lungs are full of ocean air as my
hair drips salty water into my eyes.

The sun hangs high above the equator
while the waves beat me into the sand.

Some doors have opened
And others have closed.

Any wave may take me far out to sea
but only the best will guide me back to the shore.

My skin now aches because the rays
of the sun have beaten down upon me.

Some photography from About a Boy, a longtime friend of Hansisgreat. I visit his site regularly as a source of eye candy, and am often taken aback by how lovely his photographs are. Very simple and elegant. A few samples...

Finally, a few illustrations by the incredibly talented Erik Hageman, from his website Digital Absinthe, Erik is actually an artist by trade, but he's largely unknown, so his work is worth putting out there for those who aren't familiar with it. These are part of a series on Norse mythology...

Hans the great wishes the best of luck and much success to these three talented young artists.


John Logue III said...

Thank you Hans. I am much obliged for your praise of my work. Feel free to give any constructive criticism you see fit and keep checking back for more posts.

about a boy said...

wow. i didnt know you had done this. thank you! thank you! and thank you!

i heart hans.