Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monster Island

Monster Island, by David Wellington
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ISBN: 1560258500
This exciting novel takes place after most of the human race has been infected with a disease that turns them into zombies. Our hero is a UN inspector named DeKalb who, along with his young daughter, has escaped this dreadful fate because he was in a remote village in Somalia at the time the disease covered the world.
As the story begins, DeKalb is in a quandry. Although he is temporarily safe from the undead, many of his neighbors, including the president of Somalia, are infected with AIDS and desperately need their medications if they are to provide any modicum of protection. Local stores of medical supplies have all been looted, and he knows of only one place that houses enough medicine to treat all those who are in need: The UN Building in New York City.
The problem is, New York is now crawling with the undead: ten million of them. Leaving his daughter behind for safekeeping, he and a small force of child soldiers sail across the Atlantic in the vain hope of getting into lower Manhattan undetected, and getting back with the supplies they need.
An interesting twist on the typical zombie horror show comes in a character named Gary. He was a med student in New York as the plague began, and soon realized that he either had to become a zombie himself, or risk being eaten by them. Gary devises an ingenious system for infecting himself with the disease, while retaining his consciousness and intelligence. In other words, Gary is a zombie, but he can still talk and make decisions. None of the groaning, lurching, and hunting for brains.
His hunger is insatiable: he'll eat bugs, rotten food, even the bark off of trees if he's desperate enough; but like all zombies he prefers meat, and living meat is the best. Using his human willpower, however, he manages to control his desires (to some extent) and becomes a much needed ally to DeKalb and his team.
Zombies are slow and stupid, but they don't get tired and they never ever give up. Monster Island is the first part of a trilogy, and a terrifying thrill ride perfect for all those horror fans out there. Fighting impossible odds against a fate worse than death gives guaranteed excitement on every page. Top quality storytelling!

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