Thursday, January 15, 2009

Returning Soon...

I apologize for not posting for such a long time. As you may know by now, I made the mistake of buying an expensive Apple iMac last year to run Hansisgreat. 47 days out of warranty, the whole computer crashed and the people at Apple have washed their hands of the whole affair.
My whole life was on that computer. Pity it was such an unreliable one. I'm gradually rebuilding all the research I did for future blog posts which was lost, and retyping it into my old Dell laptop (which cost 12% of what the iMac cost, but still works after 6 years).

Times are tough for all of us right now. It is especially galling, therefore, to be ripped off so unabashedly for such a major purchase. F**k Apple Computers. These things suck!

Sorry for the tirade. It's just been a nightmare over here and I needed to vent. More book reviews and light cultural interest stories soon, I promise.


homotrophy said...

Sorry to hear about your story and we hope everything will be ok with you soon.

Seth said...

Sorry to hear you had a Crapple. I was just discussing last week how my old Dell, which is now 7+ years old, is having some issues. Someone said "well gee, thats because you didn't buy a Mac" and I replied "I think for a computer to work for SEVEN years is pretty good quality, thank you".

Heh. One thing - not to close the barn door after the horse has run out - but seriously invest in an external/portable hard drive, and do regular backups of everything important!! They are very cheap nowadays, and can save immese headaches later.

Welcome back.


rickisimus2 said...

Sorry about your laptop. We all hope to read you soon again.

Hugs from Spain.

Anonymous said...

I've been using Macs for 18 years and never had a problem with any of them. One of them was 9 years old when I finally decided to retire it recently by giving it to a friend, who is still using it just fine.

Hansisgreat said...

That's great, Anonymous. I'm sure there are Macs out there that work better than mine. They'd be out of business by now if every Apple computer worked as poorly as mine did.
Not only did mine stop working six weeks out of warranty, but I got a complete lack of interest from the people at Apple. It was a terrible experience from beginning to end, an I'll never buy another Apple. If you like them, however, and have had better experiences with them than I had, then party on.
Still, I'm out almost $2000 on a piece of junk. You can't blame me for being resentful.