Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging

The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging, by Arianna Huffington et. al
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ISBN: 1439105006
There are more than 112 million blogs in the blogosphere, and the author's Huffington Post is one of the most popular. She's a political commentator and self-styled blogging evangelist who has compiled this book full of information for new bloggers and suggestions for increasing visibility for those of us who have been at it for a while.
Why blog? For one thing, it's a great way to make an extra $1.65 per month through Google AdWords or the Amazon affiliate program. But more important, it's a terrific way to share your passions with the world, especially if your friends and family are tired of hearing you talk about them. 
It's also the first time we've ever had a really free press, so that an unknown writer in a small village can compete with the New York Times and CNN.
Most of the book is composed of excerpts from other blogs. Sorry to say, Hansisgreat was not included. A rather major oversight, if you ask me. Many of them involve hot-button political issues, guaranteed to bring in traffic because they add lighter fluid to an already 
simmering fire.
Your own blog needn't be so controversial, however. In a recent appearance on the Daily Show, Huffington admits that she likes to blog about one of her secret passions: cheese. Every area of interest, no matter how narrow, is bound to have millions of followers, after all.
Famous bloggers include President-Elect Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton, Bill Maher, Nora Ephron, Al Franken, Edward Kennedy, Barbara Ehrenreich, and many others. Maher is my favorite: humorous, sarcastic, and incredibly handsome. If you ever go queer, Bill, come to me.
The book is remarkably funny, very broad in its appeal, and many of the suggestions were actually quite helpful. Quite a few of the celebrities mentioned above contributed, and their blogs are listed so that you can check them out if you're curious. This would make a great holiday gift for the blogging enthusiast in your life: it's easy to read in small doses and is fun to pass around with your friends. Top notch writing on a very timely and relevant subject.

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