Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hans Returns

For various reasons, I haven't posted in more than a month. A lot has been happening in my personal life, and even more in the news here in the United States. Although it isn't usually my area, I decided to resume posting at Hansisgreat with a few comments on current events.

At least thirty other countries have held elections of some kind this year, but few have attracted as much attention and controversy as the 2008 US presidential race. The current president, George W. Bush, inherited a $300 billion surplus from President Clinton in 2000, and leaves office soon with $10 trillion in debt, a crumbing economy desperately in need of bailouts, and soaring rates of unemployment and foreclosures. In addition, we are involved in a long, bitter war. 

How could he be so irresponsible?

The Republican Party is running Senator John McCain, a man who seems very similar to President Bush. Their vice-presidential candidate is Governor Sarah Palin, who would be a perfect choice to co-star on a TV show with McCain, but whose qualifications for vice president are extremely questionable.

The Democrats have nominated Senator Barack Obama. I first became aware of him when he made a keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, when John Kerry was running. This was years before he was being considered for president, and even then I remember thinking, "Man, this guy is really sharp." If you haven't heard the speech, and are curious about Obama and who he is, you can watch it here. Highly recommended.
His running mate, Senator Joe Biden, has been in the Senate for decades and held the two most important jobs: Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 

This economic crisis we're experiencing is very confusing if you're not a financial person (I'm not), but very frightening. With thousands losing their jobs and homes, it's obvious that it could happen to me as easily as anyone. I manage a bookstore: a respectable job, but not necessarily secure in turbulent economic times. 
They keep comparing this thing to the Great Depression, which began in 1929 and lasted for several years. Breadlines and soup kitchens, living in cardboard shanty towns? No, thank you!

Obviously, no one man is responsible for this nightmare: it represents the failure of an entire administration and ours is a complicated and rapidly advancing planet. Likewise, no one president will be able to get us out of this mess. Still, anxious but with hearts full of hope we look to our next leader for positive change on the economy, development of clean alternative energy, and a brighter future in a world of peace and enlightenment. If you are American, please keep informed and make an intelligent decision this election year. For the rest of the world: please be patient with us. Better times are coming.

It's good to be back at Hansisgreat. Thanks for waiting.


Crazy Sam said...

Glad that you're back, lets hope the new American government upholds world peace.

Anonymous said...

It's great to have you back!

Your blog is indescribable and delightful.

Baal said...

Glad you're okay. You had us worried.

Anonymous said...

"$300 billion surplus from President Clinton in 2000, and leaves office soon with $10 trillion in debt"

Apples/oranges -- The end of the last Clinton budget left the nation nearly $7 trillion dollars in debt.

Then there is the inconvenient fact that in reality the Clinton budget was never actually a surplus. In his last year the national debt went up nearly $300 Billion.

How soon we forget 9/11. It completely eliminated nearly three years capital gain tax revenue from the system, on top of the Clinton recession of 2000/2001.

As far as the recent bailout, why don't you ask Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, or even better Barack Obama about what really caused that one -- in case you missed the truth it's in this video.

Clinton and Bush (and even McCain) all tried to get it fixed before it blew up, unfortunately that just didn't work for the top three recipients of money from Fannie/Freddie (Frank, Dodd, Obama).

As for the long bitter war, too bad Clinton didn't take Osama when it was offered (which he admitted happened). He was more interested in arresting and prosecuting terrorists so their friends could do it again and again.

Demonizing one side over the other is never good for the country. Clinton was both good and bad (remember being slapped with DADT) and Bush was both good and bad (Africa project)

Now, I don't know if your objective enough to consider the evidence but it is here if you want it.

Oh, and McCain is more gay friendly then Obama (Washington Blade) or weren't you aware of the GayCityNews report:

"Senator Barack Obama has enrolled a trio of notorious anti-gay bigots to campaign for him in the South - and when a blogosphere firestorm erupted over the move, Obama compounded his betrayal of the gay community by refusing to dump the homohaters...
McClurkin, an evangelical minister and a Grammy Award-winner, has told the Washington Post that he's in "a war" against what he calls "the curse of homosexuality."

Moreover, McClurkin is the poster boy for the African-American "ex-gay" movement. He claims that he became homosexual after having been molested by relatives when he was eight and 13, but was "cured" by religion...

But even though he had an opportunity to cut himself loose from the bigots after the controversy over them broke, Obama didn't exactly "embrace the courage." He contented himself with issuing a press release...

But the anti-gay bigots stay on the campaign tour."

They all pander, but Hillary would have been a far better option for GLBT.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see you back with nice read..Keep it up...For some time I thought you stopped blogging..but good to see you back...Keep up the good writing.

C. said...

It's great to see you back posting :)

Thanks for this post, it's very enlightening. I'm not living in the USA and it's good to have a clear insight of what's going on there and a good summing up of the situation after 8 years of Mr Bush's presidency.

Take care.

steve said...

somehow, I just KNEW you worked in a bookstore! It's great to have your clear, reasonable voice back on the bawling blogosphere!

Eric said...

Welcome back Hans. I'm back as well from a two week Hiatus... :-)

Glad to see your informative blog is back up and running.

Obama is a Phony said...

I've never seen a more dishonest and cynical politician than Barack Obama who would take advantage of people's hope, use change as a means of a political stage and use his skin color to win votes.

He is the biggest phony I have ever seen in a politician. At least other politicians do not pretend that they are some kind of savior or messiah, and do not insult the intelligence of the voters. Obama has done nothing for this country but speak empty words like any other politician, only slicker. A true snake oil salesman.

Hansisgreat said...

Well, that may be. But he still seems unquestionably superior to the Bush/McCain/Palin position. Ending the war, balancing our budget, and achieving pollution-free energy independence makes sense to me.
I don't usually post on matters political here, and generally won't do so in the future. You know how I loathe controversy. It's just been on my mind.

Anonymous said...

Note the connection between the current economic crisis and Mr. Biden Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee

Pieter said...

You seemed to have misplaced the trillions in deficit after Clinton. How can you miss $7 trillion like that? Bush was the worst joke to hit America in the history of the galaxy but he is only responsible for $3 trillion plus another $300 billion, although it is probably not really a real figure anyway. I am glad you are not looking after the economy.

In any case it hardly matters much now, eh?

As for the Obama detractor.... would you prefer more Bush??? I am not aware he used his skin colour to win the election. In America that is historically not the best of ideas or strategies.