Thursday, August 14, 2008

Supreme Courtship

Supreme Courtship, by Christopher Buckley
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ISBN: 0446579823
At the beginning of this absurd and hilarious political comedy, Supreme Court Justice J. Mortimer Brinnin (fictional) is lapsing into senility, and is quietly swept into retirement. The president has the unhappy task of appointing his replacement, and nothing raises the national temperature like a Vacancy sign hanging from the colonnaded front of the Supreme Court.
After all, who else but the Supreme Court has the power to say, "Congratulations! You won the presidential election, even though the other guy got more votes."
Christopher Buckley is the author of such outstanding works of political satire as Thank You For Smoking and Boomsday. This is his latest novel, to be released September 5.
Fictional president Donald P. Vanderdamp struggles with waning popularity as one nominee after another, apparently ideal candidates for the highest court, is discredited and dismissed by a hostile Congress.
In desperation, he proposes Judge Pepper Cartwright, the buxom and 
outspoken TV judge from the popular daytime series Courtroom Six. That's right, the president of the United States nominates a TV judge for the Supreme Court. Eat your heart out, Judge Judy.
What follows is a three ring circus as a confused Congress tries to find a way to find Judge Pepper ineligible, in spite of the fact that the public loves her and would consider her a breath of fresh air in the stuffy environment of political centrists and Washington insiders.
Pepper is excited by the chance to sit on the highest court, even though she's obviously a long shot. She has a lot of shocking secrets in her past, and her tenure as judge is basically limited to two seasons on a major network. 
In fact, her husband is also her producer, and thinks she should stick with the TV show. Why walk away from a multi-million dollar contract and sky-high ratings for an offer that will probably never materialize?
Conservative Senator Dexter Mitchell is in charge of the screening process, and he absolutely steals the show. Longtime rival of President Vanderdamp, he's hoping to secure the nomination for himself, and certainly doesn't want to see it go to some fly-by-night TV starlet.
If only she wasn't so much more popular than he is.
Political humor at its finest, with a dark inside look inside the Washington machine, Supreme Courtship is a guaranteed good time for every CNN junky.

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