Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eye Candy


Writer said...

My eyes feel sweeter already. :)

Anonymous said...

what happened to you???

Hansisgreat said...

I'm considering giving up blogging. My number of daily visitors has been declining since March and I don't understand why. Maybe I'm just geting tired of doing it. After all, I'm not making any money with this site, it's just a hobby.
We'll see how it goes. Maybe I just need a break.

Silly Little Prince said...

awwww man!
i like your stuffs.
not just the pictures.
but you summarizing everything else.
stay in contact k?

C. said...

No problem Hans,
As you say, you're doing it as a hobby and you're free to go. Yet, I'll be greatly pleased if you go on posting.
Thanks for all you've been giving us so far.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, really enjoy your blog and the intelligence and class you demonstrate.

Take a break, but I hope you don't give it up all together.

Hansisgreat said...

There's a good chance I just need a break. Keeping up on Hansisgreat is a lot of work: I have to read all the books and do a lot of research for the other stories. Still, I've been working on more entries for the "History of Civilization" column, it'd be a shame to quit just as the Peloponnesian War is beginning. We'll see how I feel. Maybe more posts in a few days.