Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pot Culture

Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life, by Shirley Halperin, Steve Bloom, and Tommy Chong
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ISBN: 0810994402
This hilarious and informative miscellany is a surefire winner for every marijuana enthusiast.
First, a word on the esteemed editors: Halperin is an editor at Entertainment Weekly, a magazine with a circulation of 1.8 million copies. Bloom is a former editor in chief at High Times, the magazine for pot smokers. Chong is a charismatic musician and actor, beloved for his role on Miami Vice, and in a slew of terrific stoner movies.
Contributors include Willie Nelson, Adam Levine, MTV's Steve-O, and many others.
The result is a decadently entertaining and informative book. If you're new to the game, there's a lot of basic instructions: how to roll a joint, selecting the right pipe or grinder. Included were some tips on cooking with pot, and recipes for brownies and a few other delicacies. Healthy choices for when you've got the munchies.
There is also a fine section on how to cultivate marijuana. While I certainly don't plan on following these particular instructions myself, learning a bit about the process was rewarding in its own way.
Much of the material relates to pop culture. 
There's a great section on famous movies involving marijuana, beginning with the 1936 classic propaganda film Reefer Madness. In this sensationalistic drama, a young man murders his high school sweetheart and nearly loses his mind to madness, all induced by his experimenting with marijuana. 
Usually the movies are lighter, more enjoyable comedies like Half Baked. There are also suggestions on good sci-fi films to watch while stoned.
We all know that good music is nearly impossible without marijuana. Naturally, the authors have included a few kind words about Pink Floyd and Bob Marley. Pot has also been highly influential in literature and the arts. 
Outstanding poets and authors, many of whom you'd never suspect, were committed stoners.
Interspersed are helpful bits of advice: tips for travelers, good hiding places for your stash. Even the most seasoned users will learn something useful and unexpected.
This is a book you could flip through for hours. Genuinely witty and urbane, Pot Culture is a treat for the rebel in all of us.
Just don't read it outside the police station.


Steve Bloom said...

Thanks for the kind review.

Steve Bloom

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Thanks, Steve. I'm always a fan of yours!