Monday, February 4, 2008


Know how to listen, and you will profit even from those who talk badly.
Plutarch (46 - 120)

A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on.
William S. Burroughs (1914 - 1997)

Perseverance is the great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 - 1882)

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them. Every day begin the task anew.
St. Francis de Sales (1567 - 1622)

When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.
William Hazlitt (1778 - 1830)

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.
Helen Keller (1880 - 1968)

True happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume that you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.
Og Mandino (1923 - 1996)

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