Monday, June 25, 2007

Ten Facts About Hans

I saw my good friend at About a Boy do a post like this and think it's pretty clever. My identity isn't terribly important: I prefer to keep this website about books, interesting trivia, and shirtless guys.

But just in case you're curious, here are Ten Facts About Hans:

1. I can recite the name of all the Roman Emperors, US Presidents, and the properties around the Monopoly Board. I can tell you, by memory, how many points each letter is worth in Scrabble and how many there are in each game.

2. I've been in love once, in jail once, and had two STDs. Nothing too serious or shocking on any count. Thank God for penicillin, though.

3. I live with my best friend, Mike. He's straight.

4. We don't have cable tv at our house, we only have Netflix. The six at a time plan is still cheaper than basic cable, we can watch every show starting with the first episode, and I haven't seen a commercial in months.

5. My name is Hans because my heritage is Norwegian. I'm totally American, though. Born here and everything.

6. I was raised Lutheran. I took my religion very seriously until I was in college and started having doubts. Now I'm not sure what I am, but find religion very interesting nonetheless.

7. At the time of this post I'm 33 years old and (if I do say so myself) I look terrific.

8. Both of my brothers were Eagle Scouts. You know you're the black sheep in the family when your parents have two sons who are Eagle Scouts and one who kisses other men.

9. We all get along fine, though. Both of my brothers are getting married this summer. My father is alive but my mother is dead.

10. My favorite color is green, favorite flower is morning glory, favorite pasta is bow ties.

Hopefully this has been enlightening for you.

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