Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Kinsey Institute New Report On Sex

The Kinsey Institute New Report On Sex, by June M. Reinisch, Ph.D.
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ISBN: 0312063865
Strange as it may seem, this book is very special to me. First of all, it's one of the first books I ever bought with my own money. I was about sixteen years old at the time. It's also very deeply connected to my philosophy about why it's good to read: to get facts. Everyone may be entitled to an opinion, but if one doesn't know the facts, then their opinion doesn't count for much. Sex is an area in which everyone seems to have a lot of opinions.
Surveys show that most people learned about sex from parents and childhood friends. I think it's great to ask family and friends for advice, but there's also something to be said for asking a leading expert in the field what she thinks. Dr. Reinisch earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University, and is the director of the Kinsey Institute, one of America's leading researchers and educators in human sexuality and development. Her object in writing the New Report is to give you what you must know to be sexually literate.
It begins with a quiz: twenty questions on what should be common knowledge. 55 percent of the people surveyed got an F (less than 60% correct). What will your score be? Here's question 1: "Nowadays, what do you think is the age at which the average or typical American first has sexual intercourse?" The answers follow, with an explanation.
After the quiz follows over 500 pages of useful, fascinating, and often surprising information on a variety of subjects. Male and female anatomy, puberty, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and typical behaviors are outlined. The explanations in each area are easy to understand, and several questions-answer examples follow.
There are six categories of fetishes. Do you know what they are? Naturally, there's a chapter on masturbation. Another on homosexuality. Plenty about erectile dysfunction, exhibitionism, transsexualism, and a host of other important topics. If you are having sex now, or would like to have sex at some point in the future, this book belongs on your shelf. The only reason not to buy it right now is because you already own it.
The subject matter affects every single person on earth, the author is an expert of the highest order, and she's a good writer so what she's saying is never hard to follow. No big vocabulary words. There is nothing about The New Report that will turn you on. Everything in it is completely clinical, and totally indispensable.

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