Saturday, April 7, 2007


Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Was he God? Did he really heal all those people? Now, as one might suspect from all the half naked guys on my website, I am not really a Christian in the traditional sense. As for Jesus being God, anyone who's familiar with first century authors will tell you that such things were said of many people in those days. I'd tend to take it with a grain of salt or two. Believing in Christ will probably not make up for a lifetime of selfishness and cruelty.
Yet in a larger sense, I do tend to believe in what you'd call the Christian morality. No one knows what happens after we die. If we knew exactly what God wanted and what the consequences were, then of course everyone would obey. Instead, we just do the best we can to lead righteous lives, in the pious hope that it'll all work out for the best in the end. One doesn't demand justice from the universe, but just depends on a life well lived and grace and forgiveness for the rest. These people who think worshiping a carpenter is the answer have missed the point entirely. Jesus is not coming back. Not after 2000 years or ever. Sorry.
In spite of these shortcomings, no more attractive religion has ever been offered to mankind. It offers membership to all people of any race or class, forgiveness to even the worst sinners, a lovable human role model, a compassionate parent in heaven, and the assurance that yes, it will work out ok in the end. Into a world where appeasing the gods meant pointlessly sacrificing animals, it offered the doctrine of brotherhood, kindness, compassion, and peace.
Happy easter, everyone! No matter what you believe in.

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