Friday, February 16, 2007


My last book post was sort of dark. Let's lighten up a little! Here are three books about guys who are total jerks (which we are sometimes). You'll like these if, like me, you're a guy with a juvenile sense of humor, or perhaps if you're a smart, sophisticated lady with a very open mind. These are all very funny, but approach with caution! I don't want to offend anyone. Not one of these is destined for the "classics" section, if you take my meaning.

The rating system is based on how difficult a book is to read, not how good it is. All the books at Hansisgreat come highly recommended.

* <-----------> ** <-----------> *** <-----------> **** <----------> *****
Easy - - Pretty Easy - - Moderate - - Pretty Challenging - - Challenging

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, by Tucker Max
$11.65 at ISBN: 0806527285
** (pretty easy)
Tucker is what you'd call a ladies' man or a playa'. This is his autobiography: an overwealthy dude who quickly uses and discards all the women in his life. They're understandably resentful, and naturally find clever ways to get back at him. This one is overflowing with "boys will be boys" humor, making it unfit for hardcore feminists. I found it very funny, with Tucker's self-deprecating humor putting a tolerable gloss over what an ass he is. You'll be tempted to side with the girls he loves and leaves, until he offers you an image of himself stricken with diarrhea or getting locked out of a hotel room naked and the indignation turns into an attitude of "what a bad boy". Guys like this always coast through danger on their charm. Very funny, and degrading to both the sexes.
The Fuck-Up, by Arthur Nersesian
$12.95 at ISBN: 0671027638
** (pretty easy)
We all had a friend like this once: a slacker with lots of potential who could do anything if he just did something. This one gets by working as a minimum-wage paid usher at a seedy movie theater, and sleeping on his friends' couches every night. Why do they put up with him? Why doesn't he get a real job? Like Catcher In The Rye's Holden Caulfield, he doesn't have a good reason except that he just doesn't feel like it. Infuriating, yet deeply lovable at the same time. This one is brought to us by the good people at MTV, so you know it's not high literature but is sure to be loaded with pop culture references and the definition of cool. I finished it in about 90 minutes, so it's perfect if you're looking for something light. Consider it as a gift for the sullen teenager in your life.
The Alphabet of Manliness, by Maddox
$12.76 at ISBN: 080652720X
** (pretty easy)
I feel compelled to mention this one partly because the author is a fellow blogger like myself. In each chapter he discusses another topic relating to rugged manhood: flannel, fighting in bars, buying a gun, killing animals, neglecting children. My favorite involves boners and their many uses, many of which would never have occurred to me (can you really use one to hammer in nails?!) Always funny, often shocking, definitely not for those of you with weak stomachs. The only snag is that it's too short: only 192 pages and much of that empty space and cartoons. Otherwise it's a hit. Father's Day is coming!
The CollegeHumor Guide to College, by Amir Blumenfeld et. al.
$19.16 at ISBN: 0525949399
* (easy)
Now it's been a while since I've been in college, so it's certainly not here because it's a topic I can relate to. Written by our good friends at Collegehumor, this hilarious collection of some of their best material is a terrific gift for any high school seniors you know. Covered is: how to make a beer bong, how to get a girl to go home with you and not call her ever again, excuses to give to your professors for missing class, and a host of other funny subjects no naive college freshman can do without. Their website (linked above) is one of my regular stops, so check that out too. Reading this book made me want to cover someone with Sharpee marker.

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