Sunday, January 7, 2007


I've put up a lot of easy books and a lot of fiction lately. Here's a few out-of-this-world choices if you're looking for something a bit more challenging. I read mostly non-fiction, myself. The likelihood of getting quality is much higher: there's an awful lot of crappy fiction writers out there. Anyhoo...

The rating system is based on how challenging the book is to read, not how good it is. All books at Hansisgreat are highly recommended.

* <-----------> ** <-----------> *** <-----------> **** <----------> *****
Easy - - Pretty Easy - - Moderate - - Pretty Challenging - - Challenging

Planets, by Dava Sobel
$11.70 at ISBN: 0142001163
*** (moderate)
Each of the nine planets gets consideration. Sobel describes the planet, gives information about how it was discovered, and shares a series of interesting facts about each. At times her language gets a little too flowery, but this one is still worth checking out. If you're not into reading it cover-to-cover, browse through it and check out what she has to say about your favorite planet. Mine is Pluto: apparently it's not a planet anymore. It's still the name of Mickey's dog, though.

The World is Flat
, by Thomas Friedman
$21.00 at ISBN: 0374292795
**** (pretty challenging)
An overview of some of the technological advances of recent years. Friedman makes some startling predictions about how they will affect our future. The Internet makes it possible to make a living in a remote village on Madagascar as easily as in New York City, and the World's largest employer, Wal-Mart, hires millions but doesn't make a single product. Get a glimpse of how different the world of tomorrow will be from the on we grew up in.

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