Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Hopefully everyone had a nice holiday. Here's a few ideas in case you got a Bn.com or iTunes gift card.
Sam's Town, by the Killers
$12.58 at Bn.com UPC: 602517026759
Pop is so hot these days, it's nice to know that there's still a place for hard rock on the New Releases table. This band from Las Vegas made a hit in 2004 with its last album Hot Fuss. Has being famous changed them? Reviews have been mixed, but I think Sam's Town is awesome. It comes on hard, should be
played loud, and won't get old after you listen to it a few times. Most songs start with a wicked electric guitar and drum solo. When We Were Young is awesome (the one on the radio right now about how he doesn't look a bit like Jesus), but this is no one-hit wonder.
Under the Iron Sea, by Keane
$11.18 at Bn.com UPC: 602498568279
The first track got me to dance, alone in my apartment. By track 3 my eyes were beginning to mist up with emotion. This album is fast, with a good, hard beat that never stops thumping. Yet the sadly satisfying lyrics and minor chords cast a dark shadow over the whole experience. Fans of The Smiths ought to give this a try. Surprisingly versatile, I found myself listening to this on-the-go in the morning, headed for work, and again the following evening chillin' on Christmas night with some friends, family, and beer. Perfect ten!

Ganging Up On The Sun, by Guster
$9.08 at Bn.com UPC:
Sort of like the Beatles, only it doesn't take itself so seriously. This guitar-singing combo album is half up-beat and bubbly sounding, with a splash of psychedelic. The other half has a folksy, twangy sound, with soft songs that would sound great at a campfire. Manifest Destiny sounds like it's be fun either in a piano bar or on a beach trip. All this comes together beautifully in 50 minutes, the only drawback being that it's kind of short.

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