Friday, December 1, 2006


Here are a few cds that go back a couple of years but are worth owning as crowd pleasers. Perfect to pop in when you've got company.
Yes I am, by Melissa Etherdige
$13.98 at UPC: 042284866026
Controversial when it was released in 1993 because it accompanied the news that Melissa was a lesbian (being gay wasn't quite so fashionable yet), the music is defiant yet never really angry. "Come to my Window" is my favorite. It's got a soothing, folksy sound that somehow translates into a really good time. This album is best when used with beer or weed. She's got a winning combo here: sick of gettin' hassled by the
man, but that's not going to ruin our good time. What would happen if Bob Dylan were a lesbian?
Heavier Things, by John Mayer
$12.58 at UPC:
Just a dude with his acoustic guitar. This is certainly "pop" music (a lot of people would say that like it's a bad thing). Mayer's style is smooth and mellow, the melodies are very pretty, and there's no disputing that he's a talented musician and songwriter. So what's the problem? It would be easy to dismiss Mayer as too boring or too plain vanilla, but the tunes stick with you and besides, sometimes you want something as background noise while you're making out. That's where Heavier Things comes to the fore.
Dookie, by Green Day
Finally some hard rock, right? This punk-retro band attained stardom in the early 90s with this hit record. Last summer they hit again with American Idiot. It's easy to understand why this album launched Green Day's career: there's a lot of great material here: Welcome to Paradise, Basket Case, When I Come Around, you'll recognize them if you're old enough to remember the early 90s. This is the sound of summer road trips to the beach: more for Friday night than Monday morning. It hits hard but doesn't overpower.

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