Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Let me preface my reviews by pointing out that music is kind of hard to describe by writing about it. After you've read my comments about any of the albums on this thing, you can click on the picture to hear clips at I'm not trying to sell you anything, I just think it's cool: to be one click away from hearing the song. OK, enough chit-chat.

Queer as Folk Soundtrack, Various Artists
$10.78 at UPC: 090266376926
From the hit tv-series on Showtime that was good for two seasons but on the air for five. The songs on this one, affordable cd are just unstoppable. The QAF theme song, "Dive in the Pool", is great for the gym or running, and there's a remix of "Let's Hear It For the Boy" that's just about the ultimate dance song. "Proud" is sort of unique and touching, and "High School Confidential" always makes me smile. We gays know great music, and the guys from Club Babylon are no exception. Even if you've never seen or heard of the tv show, this is a good choice. Party time!
A Posteriori, by Enigma
$17.08 at UPC: 094636999425
Enigma is famous for albums that sound the same from beginning to end. That's not a bad thing, it's just very chill. The new mixes with the classical as chanting monks are set to a computer-generated techno beat. Apparently they're incredibly popular in Europe, only marginally so here in the U.S. (so everyone on your block won't have it). The best way to describe it is that it sounds distinctive and original, yet it's mild enough for absolutely anyone to enjoy. Expect to hear "This cd is really good! What is it?"

, by Coldplay
$15.18 at UPC: 724347478628
Considered an "indie" band until the release of this record, Coldplay combines retro-80s punk with a new age, sort of techno sound. Like Enigma, it's an eerie and pleasant sound. This was probably the most popular record during the summer of '05, and for me it brings back fond memories. This is a good cd to pop in when you have company over before going out: it adds atmosphere without being overpowering. Like vanilla ice cream, not your favorite all the time, but good if you want everyone to be satisfied.
Winter Child, by Matt Duke
$11.98 at UPC: 880794006217
At first it comes across as typical singer-songwriter fare, but Matt has a pleasant, very masculine sounding voice, and his lyrics are surprisingly complex. When seen live, I'm sure he connects with his audience: I almost feel like he's in the room when I have the cd on. Sensitive and honest, yet at the same time upbeat and kind of rockin'. Good for the dudes, even better for the ladies. Plus he's not hard on the eyes.

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