Saturday, November 25, 2006


A few cds. These are what I would call "timeless". Usually when I buy a cd, I listen to it a lot for about two weeks, then it goes into a pile somewhere and almost never gets played again. It's only occasionally you get a cd where 1.) you like every song, not just one or two and 2.) you can enjoy it for years without getting tired of it. If that's what you're looking for, here you go...
The Immaculate Collection, by Madonna
$18.98 at UPC: 075992644020
The most popular female vocalist of the past twenty years presents an unstoppable "best of" album. So many good so
ngs here: Borderline, Crazy for You (although this one sounds like it belongs at a high school dance), Vogue, Material Girl. Not a loser in the bunch. And Madonna's style is such a crowd-pleaser that, although she was controversial about twenty years ago, most people now would be happy to hear her on.
The Best of Morrissey, by Morrissey
$11.98 at UPC: 081227837525
The ex-lead singer from the Smiths after starting a solo career. He's the perfect pop-rock anti-hero, with an eerie, other-worldly voice. The lyrics are usually a bit dark (the Smiths were often labelled "depressing"), but the tunes are so captivating you'll hardly have time to feel down. "Every Day is Like Sunday" is my personal favorite.
Blonde on Blonde, by Bob Dylan
$12.58 at UPC: 827969240021
Authentic American music straight out of the 60s but without the self-righteousness of most "hippie" music. Dylan proved you could be a successful musician without having a singing voice that was beautiful by traditional standards. With only his own guitar and harmonica as accompaniment, this cd is unpretentious, sincere, and truly touching. Loaded with songs which have since become American standards, kinda folk and kinda blues at the same time.
The Lion King, Original Broadway Cast
$16.13 at UPC: 050086080274
Even if you're not normally into show-tunes or Disney music, give this one a try. It rarely gets as campy as most musicals, and a lot of the songs have a terrific international flare. The favorites from the movie are still here, along with a bunch of new songs written mostly to make the show more appealing to adults. For years it was the hottest show on Broadway, an unforgettable experience, and undeniably a class act.

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iain said...

Hippie music "self-righteous" ?!? Please give examples of said self-righteousness, supported by careful arguments for your position !