Monday, November 20, 2006


A few more cds up for review. If you don't have them you should. You may start to notice soon that I only give positive reviews as a rule. I may make a snide remark about one now and then, but generally if a cd is bad I won't consider it worth writing about at all. One should only talk about things one likes, never dislikes. People, too.
Licensed to Ill, by the Beastie Boys
$9.95 at UPC: 731452735126
A classic of 80s hard rock. A little before my time, actually (I was ten when Ill came out, too young for Brass Monkey). They seem like such lovable rascals, precursors of Eminem
who showed us that white guys can rap (sort of). A must-have for any dude who likes to blow away aliens in first person shooters.

Ultimate Deborah Cox, by Deborah Cox
$13.98 at UPC: 828765927123
The "Boys" might got rhymes, but Deborah has a voice that's incomparable. I saw her live on Broadway a few years ago in Aida and she conceived my new love for Soul. It's become my favorite choice while gettin' busy. Even if you don't use it for that reason, get it because she hits notes you didn't know existed, and makes you remember what it was like the first time you fell in love.

Songs for Silverman, by Ben Folds
$18.99 at UPC:
In the opening song he covers a rap song like a singer-songwriter in a piano bar. Think Billy Joel does Snoop Dogg. This alone is worth the cost of the album, yet a lot of the other songs are really great. Gracie, a cute song about his bay daughter, is pretty despite being a bit too emotional (chicks'll like it). He's got amazing versatility, and one of the best pianists I've heard.

Songs About Jane, by Maroon 5
$18.99 at UPC:
You might remember this song from the video with the lead singer in his underwear. This Love was about the catchiest summer hit ever written. The band makes this record as much as the singer and the songs. Some of it gets a bit torch-songy, but the opening song comes on really strong and at least 8 of the other 10 songs will have you humming along.

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