Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Keeping on the theme of things with hot dudes in them. They're all pretty high quality from a theatrical standpoint: at least watchable, none of them dreck. But as a bonus they all have a leading man who'll keep you interested in case the plot tires out.

She's the Man
(2005) $23.98 at Bn.com UPC: 097361178028
Amanda Bynes is an absolute firecracker in this teen summer comedy based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Not the typical pedantic kids' movie, she dresses in drag
as a dude because he school only offers a boys' soccer team and soccer is her passion. Very funny to see Bynes trying to pass as a guy, making typical "chick" moves that make all the other boys wonder what's her story. As a bonus: Channing Tatum has his shirt off in nearly every scene.

Waiting (2005) $17.98 at Bn.com UPC: 012236189428
Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, and a team of colorful restaurant servers in this low-brow but genuinely funny comedy about working in service. It gets a little too raunchy when the cooks abuse a woman's order in revenge (spit in her food, cover
it with dandruff and pubic hair), but the script more than makes up for this short, pointless diversion. My favorites were the two bus-boys who fantasize about being famous rappers while high on whip-its in the restaurant's walk-in freezer.

Requiem for a Dream (2000) $13.48 at Bn.com UPC: 012236117056
The story of four people whose lives are ruined by drug addiction. In three cases it's easy enough to understand: Jared Leto is seen stealing his mother's tv set to buy heroin in the first scene. In the mother's case, however (played by Ellen Burstyn) it's a bit less predictable as prescription diet pills set her on a path to madness. In the end all of them suffer in needlessly brutal ways. I was depressed for a week afterward, but isn't that great film? To keep you in the movie long after the final credits have rolled?

Tigerland (2000) $9.98 at Bn.com UPC: 024543016595
Colin Farrell and a group of other recruits in basic training during the last phase of the Vietnam war. Naturally, they're all reluctant to have their lives interrupted to be sent to certain death in Southeast Asia. You might call this a typical anti-war/war movie. In any case, it's fun to watch the bonding between a group of guys who start out thinking they have nothing in common. Farrell acts the part of the bad boy who plays by his own rules to perfection. Sadness without ever becoming too maudlin.

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*starman* said...

if you liked Requiem (which most people did... after they stopped crying) i've got some movies in that same vein that'll stay with you.
see you at work.
(damnit, Hans-o! i had to make a blog thingy just to comment on your shit! curse you!)